Fluo Tour: Read Locks

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By default, reads do not acquire a lock which makes normal reads faster. Read locks can optionally be acquired via the withReadLock method. For example, if tx is a transaction then tx.withReadLock().get(row,col) reads with a lock.

  • Create transaction tx1
  • Using tx1 set kerbalnaut0001:stat:weight to 90
  • Using tx1 set kerbalnaut0002:stat:weight to 70
  • Using tx1 set kerbalnaut0003:stat:weight to 80
  • Commit tx1
  • Create transaction tx2
  • Create transaction tx3
  • Create transaction tx4
  • Using tx2 set flight0001:stat:weight to the read locked values of kerbalnaut0001:stat:weight plus kerbalnaut0003:stat:weight
  • Using tx3 set flight0002:stat:weight to the read locked values of kerbalnaut0001:stat:weight plus kerbalnaut0002:stat:weight
  • Using tx4 set kerbalnaut0001:stat:weight to 95
  • Commit tx2
  • Commit tx3
  • Commit tx4

Both tx2 and tx3 get a read lock on kerbalnaut0001:stat:weight without interfering with each other. The read locks prevent tx4 from committing. Try reordering the commits for tx2, tx3, and tx4.

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