Fluo Tour: Snapshot Isolation

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Fluo provides Snapshot isolation. This means that a Transaction or Snapshot can only see data committed before it started. The following steps demonstrate the concept of snapshot isolation. Try to code up the steps using Fluo, then run it and see if it prints what you expect. If there is something you are unsure about, code for the following steps are on the next page.

  • Create transaction tx1
  • Using tx1 set kerbalnaut0001:name:last to Kerbin
  • Commit tx1
  • Create transaction tx2
  • Using tx2 set kerbalnaut0001:name:last to Kerman
  • Create snapshot s1
  • Commit tx2
  • Create snapshot s2
  • Using s1 print kerbalnaut0001:name:last
  • Using s2 print kerbalnaut0001:name:last

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