Fluo Tour: Weak Notification Exercise

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This exercise will use weak notification to update a shared counter. In the example, many threads will concurrently try to update the counter but collisions will be avoided.

Create an observer that observes column ntfy:sum and make it do the following.

  • For the row triggered append / and sum everything with that row prefix. Also delete the rows with that prefix.
  • Print the sum.
  • For the triggering row, update the column sum:total with the new sum.

Create a loader that does the following and run it 5000 times :

  • Generate a random number in the range [0,10^7-1]. This will be referred to as <rand>.
  • Add one to counter001/<rand>:sum:update
  • Weakly notify counter001:nfty:sum

After the loader finishes, wait for observers and then print the value for counter001:sum:total. Since weak notifications are not transactional, all of the threads notifying the same row column should not collide.

One experiment to try is to use a smaller random number range and enable collision logging. For example try generating random numbers in the range of [0,99].

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