Contact Us

Contact us if you need help with :

  • Deciding if Fluo is the right solution for your problem
  • Designing a Fluo application
  • Debugging issues with a Fluo application
  • Reporting a bug or requesting a feature
  • Getting started contributing.
  • Any other question relating to Fluo.

Below are the different ways to get in touch with the Fluo community.

Mailing lists

The dev mailing list is for user questions, general discussion, announcing releases, organizing meet ups, etc.

The notifications and commits mailing lists receive email from automated services and can be used to observe project activity. Design and code review discussion happen on GitHub issues and pull request. These discussions are archived to the notifications list. Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive


Fluo uses GitHub issues to track bugs and new features. Fluo has multiple git repositories, each with its own issues. Use the following links to report bugs, request new features, or search current issues.


Drop by and chat about Apache Fluo at #fluo on freenode.


Contributions are welcome to all Apache Fluo projects! If you would like help getting started contributing, please contact us on the dev list. We will work with you to help find something that interest you. All projects follow a review-then-commit process. If you are interested in contributing, read our How To Contribute page.